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How Do You Choose Your Ontario, California, Bathroom Flooring

Most home improvement projects in Ontario, California, and elsewhere, tend to concentrate on improving bathrooms and kitchens. These are the rooms that do add to the comfort of living and are the rooms that most home buyers will first inspect when they are viewing a house for purchase. Flooring in a bathroom is, therefore, of the utmost importance as it gives it its distinctive appearance.


While looks are always important for bathroom flooring in Ontario, California, what is equally important or even more important is the way the flooring will perform under the constant assault of water. Water is what you can expect in all bathrooms and always plenty of it, while you bathe, shower, shave, and perform other daily needed functions. This will constantly produce a great deal of moisture, and the flooring you choose during your home improvement must be able to resist this moisture effectively.

One of the most commonly used materials for bathroom flooring is porcelain or ceramic tile. Porcelain is a part of the ceramic family of tiles but has a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. Ceramic tiles come in many different colors and textures and this gives you a great variety of choices that also extends to sizes and shapes. The laying of tiles needs the joints between them to be properly grouted. This grout can be further colored and can add to the beauty of the tiled surfaces. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are easy to clean, and your flooring will not get affected if there is water standing on these tiles for a while. They can be installed over underfloor heating so that they are more comfortable to walk on, as they do tend to be cold under the feet normally. They also tend to be slippery.


You can always use vinyl for bathroom flooring as this is a popular choice for bathrooms in sheet form. This completely does away with any joints or seams, which are often the weak point in flooring. You can also get vinyl in the form of planks. It is a flooring that is cost-effective, waterproof, and easy to install and replace. It does require your subsurface to be smooth and laid to the proper slopes. It is not a material that has a lot of resale value.

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Natural stone is also a good choice for bathroom floors, as it gives you the same properties as ceramic tile. It is aesthetically pleasing. Some can be easily textured to give reduce their slip factor, something you cannot do with ceramic tile. It is a material that does tend to be expensive.


The wood used in bathrooms must be of the engineered type that can hold up well against moisture. It is better used in bathrooms that will have less water on the floors, and have bathtubs and shower trays or enclosures that restrict the quantity of water. You can also use wood laminates.


Bathroom floors need to be properly sloped towards drain outlets so that water drains out quickly. Where tiles or very smooth surfaces are used, it is possible to use anti-slip coverings to reduce the chances of accidents.

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