Kitchen Backsplash Service in Ontario CA

Backsplashes Bring Together Your Kitchen

Both the fact that your kitchen holds a large amount of your home’s value and the amount of time that you spend in this room make it one of the most important areas in your home. 


If you don’t really want to overhaul your kitchen but feel like you need an update in your kitchen and dining space, then a small upgrade such as a backsplash might be what you need. This one small change can transform the entire room. 


We at Ontario Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Pros install the following backslashes along with many other types: 

  • Stone and Glass Tile 
  • Sheeted Stainless Steel 
  • Wallpaper and Durable Paint 
  • The backsplash is a great place to showcase your personality and style for very cheap. 

So What is a Backsplash?

A backsplash goes on the back of your countertop to protect your kitchen walls from liquid and food splatter when you are cooking, making it easier to clean and keep the kitchen looking great. They also allow for the interjection of personality, style, and fun into an otherwise utilitarian room. 


Backsplashes are typically placed both behind the stove and sink, as well as behind any areas of the countertop where splashes would be common. The height, width, and total area that you cover with a backsplash will depend wholly upon your budget, preferred design, functional needs, and the overall look that you have selected for your kitchen, making it one of the most customizable parts of your home. 


Smaller backsplashes will be about four inches high, the height at which the wall is protected from water and other splashes on the counter. Most however rise to meet the cabinets, protecting the wall from various kitchen accidents. Some others will go all the way to the ceiling over the cabinets, creating the look of a fully tiled kitchen. 

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Repairing or Replacing Backsplashes

First we evaluate the damage, make a few suggestions, and help you decide what you want the next step to be. If the next step is repair, we will ensure that the repair is perfect and that you can never tell there was damage. If you need a new backsplash, we will take care of the removal and installation from start to finish. 

Professionally Installing Backsplashes 

Our experts combine quality materials and service with trendy and relevant designs to create unique looks that wow even the most doubtful critics. Please contact us at 909-552-8917 with any questions or to get started today. 

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