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When redesigning a kitchen you need to understand both the financial implication that the time period during which the room will be unable to be used. Depending on the size of the room, the changes needed, and your overall design, this time period and the cost can vary greatly. However, it will usually be a somewhat extended period of time, especially if the furniture, hardware, floor, and walls are all being remodeled. 

Durability and Strength

At the end of the day, most people prefer tile in their kitchen, particularly those with a more artistic flair. Tile is strong, easy to clean, and very safe for day to day use. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to spend time in the kitchen with their family and friends making memories. 

Life of Materials

Other materials that have been enjoying some growing popularity within the flooring world include bamboo, which is more affordable than wood and more eco-friendly, easy to move, and extremely light, and vinyl which is cheap, holds it’s value well, and allows for a huge amount of customization. Vinyl will usually only last for around 15 years before needing some repairs, while tile will usually last around 30 with regular wear and tear. However, the difference in price between the two often makes replacing vinyl every 15 years more appealing to some customers. 


The first thing you need to do before starting a kitchen remodel that will include new flooring, you first need to find the best material for your needs. 

Many owners will choose what they think looks best, not considering the function and type of the flooring, making their kitchen less safe. Materials that sustain water damage and are known to warp are not materials that should be used inside a kitchen. We will walk you through the options available for kitchen flooring to enable you to make a better selection. 

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Tile is always a great option for kitchens that both keeps you safe and beautifies your life. With superior stain resistance, high durability, and the ability to resist water damage, it works well with most families’ lifestyles. Even in homes where there is constant foot traffic, tile stands the test of time. Tile being composed of a mortal is also unaffected by heat and steam. 


Many homeowners have long chosen to use vinyl for their kitchens in bother homes and apartments. While cheaper than tile, it does offer similar value and is very durable. Vinyl is easy to mop, water resistant, and is very hard to stain. 


It is imperative that you keep the people who use your kitchen and traverse the area in mind when selecting the flooring that is right for you. 

Between our experts, high quality materials, dedication to perfection, and knowledge of different designs, we can provide you with a kitchen that will make even your biggest critic feel amazed. Please contact us at 909-552-8917 with any questions or to get started today.

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