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Your kitchen has many functions. It functions for family discussion, cooking, eating, meetings, day and night. It’s where you shape your family dynamics, routines, and customs. It’s the center of your house. It’s the heart of your home. Smart kitchen design can be both classic and practical. This is what we do for you. 

Nearly everyone has an idea for improving the functionality of their kitchen. From enlarging a pantry to top-notch designers. You can change the structure and improve on it far easier than you think. 

You can add an island, you can relocate areas of the kitchen to improve the layout and you can find a variety of ways to streamline it. We can help you fall in love with your home all over again. 

We’re ready to build you your dream kitchen. We can build you the kitchen of your dreams from our custom cabinetry shop with a variety of safe-keeping features. 


We offer countertop construction as well as design and installation that all are top of the line quality. This allows our customers to choose what they want for their kitchen space and truly make it their own. 


  • Polished granite countertops.
  • Marble countertops.
  • Wood countertops.
  • Honed granite countertops.

Amongst other kitchen types that are available. 

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If you love outdoor grilling, you’ll want to have everything that you need at your fingertips. If you prefer to spend your time enjoying your meals and want to have friends over, this is the way to go. You’ll love the solutions that Ontario Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Pros have to offer. We can build your outdoor kitchen with ease and pay attention to the little details that make it so worthwhile. 


Most families enjoy the outdoors. Our clients put a lot of value in their spaces for outdoor kitchens. We help them to utilize every inch of space to the best of functionality. This makes it ideal for entertaining family and friends. 


Many of the amenities in our outdoor kitchens include the following: 


  • Extensive space designs and utilizations
  • Integrated lighting
  • Custom-built grill islands
  • Custom designed coal, wood, or gas fire pits and fireplaces
  • Outdoor appliances


Much of the activity in a home is centered in the kitchen. Especially cooking and dining. There are a variety of appliances, amenities, and fixtures that all come into play when paying attention to the kitchen. You may also wish to incorporate the plumbing system and consider the design and style when remodeling. 

Many homeowners choose to replace the faucets. This is a no brainer. Of course, you can mess this up if you’re not familiar with plumbing. That’s why choosing a professional like Ontario Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Pros is vital to the integrity of your project. At Ontario Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Pros we’ll keep your project running smoothly. 

When you can’t afford to do a complete renovation in your kitchen, you can make small changes as you go by simply targeting different areas of the kitchen one at a time. Choosing a tasteful faucet is one way to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank. Our experts can help you to get it right regardless of the size of your project. 


Who can help to install new kitchen faucets?

You won’t have to waste your time running all over trying to find the ideal faucet for your kitchen. At Ontario Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Pros we take care of everything from start to finish. We’ll show you the amenities that will work best for your decor. This includes the colors available, style, shape, size, and your budget. You can help us in choosing everything to ensure that you love your new kitchen.


New sinks can also enhance your new kitchen and improve the functionality of your new kitchen. At Ontario Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Pros we have many great options and the plumbing job is something that we’ve done for well over 30 years. We have plumbers that are all licensed and bonded and have the expertise to ensure that your new kitchen sink will function properly at all times. 

Why Professional kitchen Sink Installation?

Your kitchen sink undergoes a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. To ensure that it’s always performing at its peak performance you’ll want a professional installation from a company that understands what they’re doing. One small drip can create a huge disaster if it’s not promptly addressed, it can also begin to cost you money when you have a leaky faucet. Moisture can build up underneath the sink and lead to mold and mildew. Do it right the first time and have it professionally installed to avoid such costly mistakes. 


Kitchen Sink Installation

It’s no easy task to install a kitchen sink. To ensure good results, you will want to have the sink installed by a plumbing professional who is licensed. If you choose a DIY installation, you’ll want to look over this self-installation guide from the DIY network. Here is a checklist you’ll want to review:

time: one half to one day is all that it should take to install your new sink with garbage disposal and a dishwasher connection. 

  • Tools: Screwdriver, electric drill, strainer, groove-joint pliers, spun wrench and adjustable wrench
  • Prep: Get the rough plumbing installed and then switch the receptacle and the cabinets. 
  • Materials: Faucet, sink, garbage disposal, wire nuts, appliance extension cord, trap assembly, a flexible copper line for dishwashers, supply tubes, ice maker supplies, drain hose for dishwasher, plumber’s putty, drop cloth, air gap. 


These represent the most versatile interior decor thanks to the variety of options. You can choose color, design, texture and have a great low maintenance surface that is not only beautiful, it’s also low-maintenance. You can incorporate this into the flooring as well as your countertops. 


The kitchen floor garners a lot of attention when it comes to redesigning projects. These can be solid or pattern and very durable. You’ll find that you can readily wipe things up off of the flooring when you choose a good tile. You may wish to avoid fragile items such as glassware when you’re using tiles on the kitchen floor. 


How To Select The Right Tiles

When it comes to tiles for kitchen floors you’ll have many great options. There are glass, metal, quartz, slate, marble, and more to select from. Each tile can have a distinct look and change the entire appearance of your kitchen. This, when coupled with another defining decor can help to enhance your kitchen. You can also expand your ideas to the walls and ceiling. Don’t forget backsplashes. 


You’ll find that if you’re adventurous you can find a lot more great options. Choose motifs and colors that will give your decor pop. Textures are also a great way to incorporate specific decor into your kitchen. 

Ontario Custom Contractors

We have a variety of custom contractors. We can offer you several written estimates for your project. These will be based on your choices of designs and options. If the project requires permits we’ll have all of the know-how to procure these permits. We’ll handle all of the required permits to ensure that your project is done right. 


Give us a call at 909-552-8917. Our experts are waiting to help you find the ideal solutions for your kitchen remodel. We’ll install your new kitchen with quality materials and quality installation. We’ll give you an estimate and help you to choose the design that will best suit your needs. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, give us a call and let us help you to have the kitchen of your dreams. Your new kitchen is only a phone call away and then you’ll be able to enjoy it every day. Call Ontario Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Pros at 909-552-8917 to get started on your new kitchen today. We’re ready to help you have the kitchen of your dreams.

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