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We Make Your Visions A Reality

One of the most daunting tasks in a home remodel is the kitchen. The amount of options, use of space, and flow with the existing household must come together perfectly to make sure the design exceeds your expectations.


Our team has years of experience and knows exactly how to approach kitchen and bathroom project to make sure we get the materials, color schemes, and hardware that take your investment over the top, all while sticking to a dedicated timeline and budget.

Our Services


Kitchen Countertops

We strive to provide the best quality materials with the highest durability in addition to stand-out options that separate us from the rest of the market.


Kitchen Backsplash

If your existing backsplash has become chipped and needs repaired or is in need of a complete replacements, our experienced contractors can help meet your needs.

modern kitchens

Kitchen Cabinet

Regardless of whether you've recently installed unfinished cabinets that need to be finished, or you simply need to reface or update your current cabinets, we have an option for you.


Kitchen Floorings

Your kitchen flooring needs to match your home and needs to meet the needs of your family in addition to looking good.


Bathtub Replacement

When you are looking for reliable bathtub replacements in Ontario CA, you should always work with a professional and experienced bathroom remodeling service.

Beautiful luxury sink decoration in bathroom interior - Vintage Light Filter

Shower Replacement

When you hire us to do a shower replacement job for you you're getting some of the best home renovation experts. Our team knows all there is know about shower replacements.

Beautiful luxury shower box decoration in bathroom interior - Vintage Light Filter

Bathroom Cabinet

Our bathroom cabinet remodeling services will bring the shine back to your bathrooms without taking away from the cabinets' practicality. We also believe your cabinetry should complement the décor.


Bathroom Flooring

Whether you are looking to spruce up your bathroom with some upgrades or are looking to have your bathroom renovated, you need to work with the most qualified professionals.

Why You Should Choose Us

Durable Results, Quality Work, Exceptional Care

When you know that your remodel is being done in a way that will last you have peace of mind. Our combination of quality building materials and exceptional service allows us to create incredibly durable and useful results for your kitchen remodel. We believe that when you trust your contractor you are more likely to be satisfied with the finished product and happy with our service.

The Sky Is Your Limit

We want to help you create a home filled with hopes, dreams, and all the details that make it truly yours. For this reason we encourage you to focus on the detailed minutiae of every room that is being remodeled. Each project can be customized and the plan altered in accordance with your wishes. We can make small changes throughout the entire project to ensure that the final result is exactly what you wanted.

Our Promise As Professional Contractors

Our goal is to completely satisfy every customer with every single remodel. To accomplish this we focus on our history of great customer service and outstanding service to ensure that each project measures up. If you work with our company you will receive a top quality remodel of your home and the best service in the business.

Were You Aware? 

You Don’t Have to do a Complete Demolition 
One of the most prevalent myths about remodeling kitchens involves the idea that every remodel needs to be a total replacements. This means people typically pull out all their cabinets, re-do non-load-bearing walls, and even replace all of their appliances. In this way, the word “remodel” doesn’t bring to mind many of the smaller projects it encompasses. 


Kitchen Remodels Take A Large Amount Of Time
When remodeling is done properly it will be a very time and labor intensive process. While we are used to seeing remodels within the 30 minutes that various home makeover shows are allotted, those remodels take several weeks to complete, just like those in the real world. Hollywood magic makes them seem less intensive, but a thorough remodel will always take time. 


Make Appliances and Building Materials Your First Investment 
We cannot stress enough the importance of high quality materials. The difference between an average kitchen and an out of this world kitchen comes down to the materials that you use. Consider the difference between laminate and natural stone tile, stainless steel appliance vs cheaper models, and custom countertops vs mass produced options. Even without additional aesthetic touches, the higher quality materials will shine.

Yourself and Your Family Safe

Everyone in our crew completes comprehensive training and is required to adhere strictly to our guidelines on safety and professionalism. This combines with their decades of experience to ensure that you get the best possible kitchen remodeling results without any safety risks. If you are having issues with your kitchen, especially with cabinet, electrical issues, or walls, please don’t do it yourself and risk injury, or worse, death. Instead, call a local professional contractor and allow them to fix the problem safely. 

The Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel

While the kitchen is the nexus of any good home, it is often the most stressful room for homeowners as well. The desire to change it up and improve functionality is what drives many to seek out renovation. The stress of a remodel is made worth it by the benefits to your family and personal life. 



  • Reduced Consumption of Energy Take the time when remodeling to replace any outdated or extremely old appliances with new more energy-efficient options to save money. The newer models of dishwashers, fridge/freezers, and even kitchen lighting are all designed with both savings and performance in mind. You don’t sacrifice function for cost when upgrading, making it a good move all around. 


  • Adding Value To Your Home When selling a home, poorly laid out kitchens with outdated appliances are one of the biggest turn-offs to buyers. A quick remodel of your kitchen to a more modern design will add value to your home and help it sell quicker. 


  • Improve the Flow of Your Home. A home remodeling contractor helps design new layouts for people who are unhappy with the current layout of their home and who dream of something more. For those who find food preparation tiresome or difficult, remodeling the kitchen will allow more control over where and how food is prepped and how the space is used. In this way your kitchen begins to work for you, rather than against you. 


  • Create More Storage. Many kitchens don’t have enough cabinets or have cabinets that aren’t actually conducive to use. When you remodel your kitchen you have the ability add more cabinets into the existing space and to make sure that they work for your needs. The addition of vertical storage, more cabinets, and a kitchen island can really help you get the most out of your counter space. 


  • Increase Your Personal Safety. Many older appliances are actually safety hazards when it comes down to it. This is because their base components and wiring are not able to properly regulate the voltage output from modern energy grids. Newer appliances have been created with the new grids in mind, making sure that they can handle more current, therefore keeping you safer. 

The Basic Features of Kitchen Renovation

In the Ontario area, most people think of the big things like appliances, cabinets, counters, and sinks, but that is nowhere near the limit of what you can remodel in your kitchen. 


The Benefits of Kitchen Islands and Countertops 

Allow us to update your countertops and restore them to pristine, smooth glory. We offer a large variety of different countertop materials to choose from and a myriad of beautiful color options, guaranteed to please even the most discerning individuals. 


The Importance of Kitchen Flooring 

In the world of kitchen remodeling, most people forget that you can replace flooring or just don’t consider it important. However, a smooth and gorgeous floor both breathes life into your kitchen and ensures that you can traverse the space safely. 


The Impact of Kitchen Cabinets 

New kitchen cabinets from Premier Remodeling are a great way to make a statement. 

t on the way that your kitchen looks and feels. 

Do any of these sound familiar? Peeling cabinets, doors that don’t quite close, damaged doors, or cabinets that are too deep for you to properly use? What about dents, dings, and scratches? If any of these ring a bell it’s time for something new. At Ontario Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Pros we stock a great variety of cabinetry material, ensuring that we have an option that will work for every home. 


Whether you decide to replace or simply update your cabinets, the change will make a huge impac

The Cherry on Top – Kitchen Lighting 

Another overlooked area is that of kitchen lighting. If straining to see recipes, squinting at spices, feeling like your kitchen is gloomy and you can’t see everything sounds familiar, then we have a solution that will fit your needs. Our variety of lighting options will leave your kitchen feeling light and airy, even at 3am. 

Bringing Style with Backsplashes

Does your kitchen need a quick update to breathe some life into space? Creating a tile backsplash is a great way to create some excitement in your kitchen. With your budget and style needs in mind, we offer a vast variety of options in terms of materials, colors, and styles of tiles. This makes a backsplash and very affordable way to spice up your kitchen and modernize it on a budget. 


Better Kitchen Design 

If you can’t visualize the kitchen of your dreams, then we can help you design a space that works for you. With your specific wants and needs in mind, we can put together a new design that will result in a kitchen you love. It is extremely important to Ontario Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Pros that you are satisfied with both the functionality and visual layout of your kitchen. We pool our years of experience and expert knowledge on this topic to create a one of a kind room in your home. 


Through our various services we ensure that you are pleased with not just the design and space, but also the décor in your home. We want to create the perfect kitchen with your preferences in mind so each visit to the kitchen leaves you with a smile on your face and a feeling of happiness. 

Combining Appearance and Function

Many people focus on the way that a kitchen looks so much that they forget that the space needs to be functional as well. Others focus on functionality so much that their space becomes a design nightmare. However, when you combine the two, you can create amazing spaces that both look great and serve every possible need you could have. 


The Ontario Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Pros Promise

We offer a transferable lifetime warranty on both our products and our labors as part of our complete commitment to customer satisfaction. 


We are able to do this because we are confident that our materials are the best quality and extremely durable, that the skilled workers installing them will do it right the first time, and that we will never finish a job without it being perfect. For this reason we guarantee them for life in writing, offering you a promise with proof that you can keep. 

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